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The main news is that Female Fun Records has just released MF DOOM presents: "Special Herbs & Spices". This is an instrumental album with at least one instrumental from OP: DOOMSDAY, but mostly new stuff. I have heard that there are tracks by Doom, Sub, Bobbito, and DJ Spinna, but it might all be Doom's stuff. You can hear most of the tracks at Sandbox. Female Fun is run by Peter Agoston, who has been writing about hip hop for a while now, and he seems like he knows what he's doing. Check out the LP, it's limited to 1000 copies so hurry.

Also, it seems like Downfall of Ibliss will be out soon (late December???). Check Day by Day for the cover and more information.

I recently picked up two Doom related projects: Scienz of Life featuring MF Doom's "Yikes" is very nice. Highly recommended. Two of the first records I got when I moved to New York were the Fondle Em singles by Scienz of Life and Doom; it's nice to hear them together. King Honey's "Monday Night at Fluid" (featuring MF Doom and Kurious) was nice, but not as exciting. The beat didn't really do it for me--I prefer samples. You can pick that one up on Sound Ink's Collapsus compilation. Kurious has a new single out: "All Great". All these should be available from Sandbox.

Also read an interview with Rodan here (scroll down).

I recently saw MF Doom at SOBs. It was a good show. It's nice to see that he is preparing different shit every time he plays (or at least every time i've seen him). What sucked was that Monster Island Czars were kept from performing because of some problem with the sound.

Here in New York, the Village Voice has finally got around to reviewing Op: Doomsday, although their review was pretty weak in my opinion. They said Doom "fell off" about the time of Black Bastards, and now he was coming back. Black Bastards is hot, morons!! They also ignored a lot of what Doom says about Subroc on the album, trying to claim that he barely mentions Sub. The Voice only have one writer who knows anything about hip hop, and he doesn't get to write reviews, just announcements for shows. Jon Caramanica, if you are out there, keep up the good work.

In other news, I have a beat in the Alpha Omega battle of the beats: www.alphabeats.com. I'm not planning to win, but if you guys are interested, go vote. Don't get too attached to these guys, I think they are just trying to get kids' money. (I had to drop $25 to enter the contest and the top prize is only $125!) If you just want to hear my joint, click here. I apologize for the distortion, I will try to get it up on mp3 soon. MCs out there, if you're looking for beats, get in touch. I have lots more joints, many styles.

MF Doom has a couple new tracks coming out. One is an appearance on the Divine Mind single "Centerstage." Also he will be on the Non Phixion album on a track called "Strange Universe" produced by Necro. A label called SoundInk is putting out a compilation called "Collapsus" that will feature Doom and Kurious on "Monday Night at Fluid," which will be produced by King Honey. More info on that album, including audio snippets, is available here. By the way, check out instrumentals by Doom and Subroc at Alpha Omega's Battle of the Beats 1. I may put up some of my own beats for their new contest, so watch out.

Here's the link for the I Hear Voices Part 1 video. There's an MF Doom ad in Vice magazine now. That makes me sad because I think Vice is racist and stupid.

About the MIC album, I just went to a Doom concert and talked to the Czars outside the club--They said hopefully the album will be out this summer. Apparently "If you like wrestling, you will like this album." I know there is supposed to be a single out from them but I've never seen it.

The concert was hot, although the sound off the DATs was kind of crappy.

Get the everliven sound 12" from hiphopsite.com and you will get a free copy of MF Doom/MF Grimm's "I hear voices" single w/ pt. 1+ pt. 2. Only part 1 is on the CD rerelease of Op: Doomsday (which is out now). Part 2 has MF Grimm; it sounds like his part was recorded really recently. There is a video for "I hear voices" that you can link to from hiphopsite.com.

The Subverse rerelease of Black Bastards is out now, on CD and vinyl, I believe, with both the "What a Niggy Know" remix featuring MF Grimm and "Q113" as bonus tracks. Both of these were on the Elektra "What a Niggy Know" single and also on the Fondle Em rerelease of that single.

If anyone out there has a copy of the "Plumskinnz"/"Nitty Gritty" single that they can hook me up with for less than 30 bucks, let me know.

MF Doom has a song out now on The Molemen's new LP, but I'm not feeling it. Mostly because I don't like the wack Anticon rappers he shares the track with. As a side note, I like the Molemen's production for Mass Hysteria a lot, check out the Molemen's first(?) EP with Mass Hysteria's "Vocabulary Spill."

You should have got MF Grimm's "World War III" single by now, if not, try to get your hands on a copy of it. In my opinion, it's maybe the best song he's ever done. "Scars and Memories" is really nice too. Also the MF Grimm/MF Doom split single is real nice, although I'm not so impressed with the Mr. Jason remix of "Doomsday."

Another website to check out is this one put together by Doom's cousin from Long Beach. Peace party people--ha ha, see ya later.

It's been a long time. I shouldn't have left you with out a lot of news updatesto step to...There's plenty of news.

First check out the official MF Doom site, where there is a "Dead Bent" video for download. Also there is a new song Poison Windz from the MIC album. Here's the tracklisting for the album:

Monsta Island Czars "The Next 1,000 Years" -- coming out on May 22nd

1 Poison Windz (Megalon,Rodan,Gigan)
2 What Ya'll Wanna Do (Megalon,Kamackeris)
3 Always Stay Out Of My Mind (X-Ray,Kamackeris,Megalon)
4 On The MIC (Megalon,Rodan,Kamackeris,Kong,X-Ray)
5 MINY (Kamackeris,Rodan,Kong,Megalon)
6 Sumthin' to Prove (Rodan)
7 Who You Think I Am (X-Ray,Rodan,Megalon,Kamackeris,King Ghidora,Kong)
8 Fast Lane (Kurious a.k.a. Gappa)
9 Live Wirez (Gigan)
10 Run The Sphere (Kong,Rodan,Megalon,X-Ray,Kamackeris,King Ghidora,Jet Jaguar)
11 Warning (Kong)
12 What The Deal (Kamackeris)
13 No Snakes Alive (King Ghidora,Jet Jaguar,Rodan)
14 Guerilla Warfare (Megalon,Kong)
15 Blindfold (Megalon,Kong,Rodan)

Thanks to DJ Fisher at Day by Day for the info.

Another site to check is mfdoom.i.am which offers some kind of a membership prog where you get a free t shirt for 20, 30, or 40 bucks (it's pretty confusing. you can hear a welcome message from doom for free. The site saws Doom is in the new Source! What? I think also when you sign up you get email from MF Grimm in prison and access to exclusive mp3s. basically what I want to know is what's the difference between the $20, $30, and $40 membership options.

More on the upcoming releases for 2001

MF Grimm:

The Downfall of Ibliss (A Ghetto Opera) --Feb. (I never saw this though...)
Jacking for Beats & Lyrics (Remakes and Freestyles) --Spring
The Lost Files --Fall

"Operation: Doomsday" with new track called"Voices" --March
"Black Bastards" with the "What A Niggy Knows" remix feat. MF Grimm (This was on a Fondle Em single) --April

There may also be another Doom album, Megalon solo, and Rodan solo coming up. Also we have KMD's American Hunger album on the horizon which will apparently have Zev, Grimm, and Onyx.

I'm going to try to update more often but focus on adding new features like album reviews and a discography rather than news updates. When I started this in 90 deca there was not so much news available but now there is really too much for me to keep up with and you guys can find it all at mfdoom.com or especially at Beats, Rhymes, and Life. So I may not have all the current release dates, but I'm going to concentrate on bringing you information that other sites might not have: album reviews, discographies, biographies, some rare audio, photos, etc.

Speaking of rare audio here's a clip from the On the Ropes soundtrack. This is New Beginning from MF Doom and Scott Free. More to come later. I might even throw up MF Grimm's 1993 single So what you want nigga.

It looks like Big Jus' label Subverse will reissue Black Bastards and Operation: Doomsday. Apparently Black Bastards will feature some bonus tracks!! No idea whether these will be the same ones from the Ruffs and Rares record Fondle Em put out a couple years ago.

Here's a tracklisting for the Grimm/Doom double 12 inch that will come out (finally) on Nov. 7 on Brick Records:

[1]ÊÊ M.F. Doom "Doomsday (remix)",ÊÊ [2]ÊÊ King Ghidra (aka MF Doom), Jet Jaguar (aka MF Grimm) & Rodan "No snakes alive",ÊÊ [3] ÊÊ M.F. Doom "Impostas",ÊÊ [4]ÊÊ M.F. Grimm "The original (remix)",ÊÊ [5]ÊÊ M.F. Grimm "Break 'em off",ÊÊ [6]ÊÊ M.F. Grimm "Dedicated",ÊÊ [7] ÊÊ M.F. Grimm "The original",ÊÊ [8] ÊÊ "Doomsday remix (instrumental),ÊÊ [9]ÊÊ "No snakes alive (instrumental)",ÊÊ [10]ÊÊ "Impostas (instrumental)",ÊÊ [11]ÊÊ The original remix (instrumental)",ÊÊ [12]ÊÊ "Break 'em off (instrumental)",ÊÊ [13]ÊÊ "Dedicated

Supposedly, MF Grimm already has a new single out, "WWIII," but I haven't seen this for sale anywhere. Fat Beats says that it is out but they don't have it yet. I haven't seen it on the internet either...Also, the new KMD lineup will be Doom, Onyx, and MF Grimm. American Hunger should come out next year.

As usual, I got a lot of this info (along with all my hip hop-related news) from my man Mhat at Beats Rhymes & Life.

Now for the big news: MF Doom recently did a show at SOBs in New York as part of a Subverse showcase for the CMJ festival. This is how I described the show to my brother, please excuse the excitedness and lack of proper punctuation:

"Doom was awesome. he looked crazier than ol dirty, kind of hunching around with his mask hidden in his shirt. then he put his mask on and started rocking the show. megalon came up and doom seemed annoyed. megalon just stood there through some of the songs. (also kurious did his part). at one point mf doom seemed to get angry and left the stage. then he came back did some more shit and then they threw on "the finest" --the first time megalon rapped. just when they were about to get to doom's verse about the fight in the mosh pit ("damn it feels great just to increase the chance for/ pussy nigga's face to hit the dance floor"), megalon attacked doom and beat him about the head and knocked his head into the monitor speakers. megalon walked off and calle ddoom a bitch nigga or something then doom ran away with a crazy grin. that was the end of the show. the hosts (Lil Sci and C Rayz Walz) said it was all acting. it looked mad real though. actually it looked like they were acting at first, pretending to be mad at each other, and then it went too far. even if it was fake, it seemed probably more painful than pro wrestling. word up!"

Here are a couple of links to hold you over until I set up a links page:

->Day By Day Management, which manages most of the artists I cover here.

->Backpackrap.com, which has interviews with Doom and Grimm.

Two non-Doomsday items: At the show I noticed that Big Jus and El-P seemed to be best of friends (again?). This made me happy. Also, I see people paying a lot of money for Percee-P's tapes on the internet. The man has a website (www.percee-p.com)and he sells the tapes himself. Don't give 40 bucks to some kid for a 3rd generation copy when you could buy the tape directly from Percee and put some money in his pocket!

MF Grimm has gone to prison (15 to life). If you want to write to show your support, write to:

Wende Correctional Facitly
Percy Carey 00R5593
3622 Wende Rd.
P.O. Box 1187
Alden, N.Y. 14004-1187

Click here to read a moving letter about his situation. (Please note that the address listed in the letter is out of date; use the address above.)

 Kurious Jorge is set to release a single (produced by Vic of Groove Merchants/Beatnuts fame) on Ghetto Gold (the label whose artwork resembles that of the late great Black Jazz label.) Then he will put out a full length on Metal Face Records next year. Also scheduled on Metal Face will be a Monster Island Czars album (if you like their shit, check out the On The Ropes soundtrack from 1999), a new MF Doom album, and the new KMD album American Hunger. I'm just wondering whether Onyx will show up on American Hunger.

My source for most of this news was Smoove at Beats, Rhymes, and Life, in my opinion the best hip hop news source on the net. Oh yeah, and that MF Grimm song I heard on the radio is most likely the one called "WWIII". Super tuff killer track. Buy it when he drops it. And drop him a line too while you're at it.

New MF Grimm song heard on CM Famalam Radio. A return to the hardcore-punchline style of "So what you want nigga"

New KMD album "American Hunger" will apparently feature Doom, Grimm and Onyx.

New MF Doom song heard at Knitting Factory concert using beat that Subroc submitted to the Alpha Omega production contest (also appears on interludes on Op: Doomsday).

For you fanatics (like me) pick up the On the Ropes soundtrack which came out on CD last year. It has two Doom songs and many Monster Island songs over live jazzy tracks.

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